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kim vallado

anyone knows the number of this sari sari store home for the aged? i want to go there and feed them at least, im not rich person but i want to help in my own ways pls help me anyone give me the number of tis home for the aged, im kim from cavite my number is 09267183057 anyone with kind heart help me find this institution God bless You all


Hi. You take really good pictures. I am bookmarking your site. :)

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Thanks for this great series Sidney. you captured so many strong emotions in your photos.

La Grande Ombre

Merci pour tes commentaires, j'aime beaucoup aussi tes photos! Celle ci est magnifique! Cette vieille personne semble porter beaucoup de choses dans ses pensées, elle a surement énormément d'histoires à raconter...


it's lola


always humbling to stop by and view your amazing amazing photographs and stories

Shazeen Samad

Beautiful shot syd.. Cheers!


Comme elle a l'air triste et émouvante cette femme.


a reminder for me .." Treat your mom well for you to enter heaven beneath mom's feet"..take the meaning beyond literal interpretation :)


wow...., nice picture!


Un portrait très fort d'une personne âgée, mais qui a un regard d'enfant ;-)

haggis basher

A very sad looking portrait, seems so lonely.


She looks so tired . . . beautiful portrait, Sidney.
I hope you enjoy your weekend! xxoo


This woman seems to be tired and sad...


I don't know what to say anymore,but I am following your series with attention.


I guess like the U.S. women live longer than guys, there seem to be alot more (at least in the wonderful photos here) women than men


Quelle tristesse saisie dans ce portrait!


Love the hair, it looks freshly styled.

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